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Experience a unique adventure on board the Fiore di Maggio motorboat: we will navigate the most beautiful sea of Sardinia, discover its seabeds, observe the richness and colors of the marine fauna and flora of the Capo Carbonara Protected Marine Area. We set sail every morning from the port of Villasimius at 10 am: come on board, it will be the most beautiful memory of your holiday in Villasimius.

Leaving the port, we will follow a route that will allow you to discover the true essence of Villasimius: we will sail along the coast to reach, after an hour, Punta Molentis, the pearl of the Villasimius archipelago. The wonderful beach has been the location of advertising spots many times, and anyone who has taken part in the boat trip to Villasimius remembers it as a true natural gem. The shallow, sandy seabed, the shades of the water, the granitic rocks, and the surrounding vegetation make Punta Molentis unmistakable. Here we will stop to dive into the crystal clear waters and enjoy the breathtaking view.

At 2:30 pm, after a delicious lunch on board, we will proceed to the Cavoli island, overshadowed by an end-of-century lighthouse and recently renovated. You can get off the motorboat and dive into the calm and crystal clear waters that surround the island. A few strokes from the anchorage point, you can admire the statue of the Madonna del Naufrago on the seabed, made in 1979 by sculptor Pinuccio Sciola: the statue, over three meters tall, was placed to invoke the protection of navigators, and every year at the end of July, a wreath of flowers is offered to the Madonna.

You can visit the lighthouse and admire the lush nature. Leaving the Cavoli island, we will continue to the unmissable Cuccureddu beach. Unreachable except by sea, the Cuccureddu beach will welcome you with the white of its sandy beach, the quiet, the color of the water from emerald green to sky blue.

During the navigation, we will admire the magnificent Porto Giunco beach, dominated by the homonymous tower, placed on the top of a promontory of about 60 meters sheer on the water. Enchanting beach: crystal clear water, white sand with pinkish shades and the salt marsh of Notteri in its wake.

Around 5:00 pm, we will resume navigation to return to the port of Villasimius. For your boat trip to Villasimius, you only need a beach umbrella, a mask, and a snorkel, we'll take care of the rest!

Boat Fiore Di Maggio

Departure location: Villasimius Tourist Harbor (Via Degli Oleandri 10, 09049, Villasimius)

  • Departure time: 10: 15
  • Lunch time: 13:00
  • Return time: 17:00/ 17: 30

Age of paying children: 6-12 years
Infants: 0-5 years

Fiore Di Maggio

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  • 10:15 am Departure from the Villasimius Tourist Port (the boat is moored in front of the Coast Guard)
  • 45 min Panoramic Navigation
  • 2 hour Bath Stop with landing on the beach (Punta Molentis)
  • 1:00 pm Lunch on board
  • 30 min Panoramic Navigation
  • 30 min Navigazione Panoramica
  • 2 hour Bath Stop with landing on a second beach (The Island of Cavoli or Cuccureddus Beach depending on the wind)
  • 5:30 pm Arrival in port

During the bath stops, you can choose to go snorkeling.

Come aboard Fiore Di Maggio


The blue and transparent sea, the clear sky, a light breeze: this will be the backdrop for your typical lunch on board the Fiore di Maggio motorboat. Don't think of it as just a break, but rather one of the most beautiful and important moments of the whole day. Fiore di Maggio offers you a journey within the journey: a four-course gourmet lunch, with seafood and land dishes, accompanied by side dishes that will satisfy every need. The crew will also perform a demonstration of maritime culinary arts, which have made our brand famous.

On board the motorboat, you will experience a sensory excursion to discover the typical flavors of Sardinian cuisine, and you will get to know the essence of regional specialties: every product we offer is simple and genuine, with its own great story and belonging to our territory. All the food comes from local and well-respected companies. The Campidanese malloreddus, expertly cooked by the on-board chefs, will be the first course of your lunch on board. Commonly known as Sardinian gnocchetti, the malloreddus represent one of the most beloved and representative dishes of Sardinian cuisine.

Next, a triumph of sea flavors: fried squid, cuttlefish and shrimps (local catch), all accompanied by a delicious side dish of french fries. But not only that, because we want the lunch to be unforgettable, we will also serve chicken nuggets and breaded fried vegetables! Surrounded by our wonderful islands and coasts, the lunch continues with a selection of cheeses from Giovanni Podda of Orgosolo, the flagship of Sardinian dairy production.

On board the motorboat, quality also means quantity: the bis is a must given the goodness of the products!
If you want to spend a day of great involvement, Fiore di Maggio is the right choice!
Fiore di Maggio motorboat: much more than just a simple boat trip.

First courses:

  • Malloreddus alla Campidanese

Second courses:

  • Fried Calamari with unlimited refills
  • Local Occhioni with unlimited refills
  • Local Red Shrimp with unlimited refills
  • Fried Breaded Vegetables with unlimited refills
  • Chicken Nuggets with unlimited refills French fries with unlimited refills
  • Selection of Orgosolo cheeses


  • Natural Water
  • Vermentino White Wine Typical Sardinian
  • Coffee and Liqueurs
In great lunch on board of Fiore Di Maggio